Bourjois CC Cream 123 Perfect 30ml num 34


Bourjois Paris

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1,2,3 and you can get a radiant complexion with Bourjois 123 Perfect Color Correcting cream. Thanks to the 3 pigments for color correction, the skin is smoothed and imperfections are hidden. In addition, it has SPF 15 to protect and moisturize the skin throughout the day. The delicate texture allows an easy application, smoothes the pores and gives a smooth skin. 123 Perfect CC Cream has an oil-free formula and is easily applied all over the skin. You can say goodbye to signs of fatigue, redness and blackheads with the 123 Perfect CC cream from Bourjois. Ready for a make-up session? Bourjois helps you achieve chic looks, with Parisian accents, without much effort.

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